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能源 In The Heartland

Abundant with natural resources, the Greater Wichita region boasts a diverse energy sector with over $6.5 billion in annual exports. The region not only has a large number of oil and natural gas wells, but also has two of the state’s three refineries. Recognized as one of the nation’s premier manufacturing centers, the region is quickly growing as a leader in petroleum-based byproduct manufacturing.


Crude Oil and Natural Gas Wells


Barrels of Oil Produced in 2018


Cubic Feet of Natural Gas Produced in 2018

能源 Industry Network

The Greater Wichita region offers an established network of companies focused on exploration, extracting, refining of petroleum. Ranked as the number one manufacturing-specialized region in the nation, the Greater Wichita region offers true potential for growth and expansion for petroleum-based product manufacturers.

  • Two refineries located in the Greater Wichita region — CHS in 麦克弗森, Kansas, HollyFrontier in El Dorado, Kansas, — account for total exports of more than $3.5 billion. Over the last five years, the region’s two refineries have experienced a steady increase in employment, making greater expansion possible.
  • The region’s diverse energy sector accounts for more than $6.5 billion in exports annually through area refineries, extraction companies, petroleum-based product manufacturers, pipelines. (Source: Economic Modeling Specialists International)
  • Some of the state’s biggest active oil producers call the Greater Wichita region home. Berexco, Murfin Drilling Co., Vess Oil Corp., Palomino Petroleum each produce more than half a million barrels of oil annually. (Source: Kansas Geological Survey)
  • The Greater Wichita region's highly skilled workforce is a competitive advantage to all industries. In addition, employment in the energy sector is twice as concentrated as the average community in the U.S. (Source: Economic Modeling Specialists International)
  • Four petroleum-based product manufacturers in the Greater Wichita region represent a significant concentration compared to most oil and gas intensive regions: 

    BG Products, Inc. is a market leader in the production of top-quality automotive maintenance products. With its headquarters in Wichita, Kansas and additional manufacturing in nearby El Dorado, BG’s professional-use products and equipment are distributed worldwide.

    A recent joint venture between Kyodo Yushi, a world-leading grease manufacturer, locally based Lubrication Engineers highlights the opportunities for foreign direct investment in the Greater Wichita region.

    Wichita is also home to Universal Lubricants, an advanced petroleum manufacturing, 混合, distribution company, since 2016 a part of the PetroChoice 公司. In addition to manufacturing, Universal Lubricants’ Wichita facilities include a research and development lab currently exploring innovative solutions for passenger cars, 卡车, heavy-duty equipment, fleets.

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